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DPC+ARM - Part 7, 6507/ARM Exchange of Information

Posted by SpiceWare, in DPC+ ARM Development 29 March 2015 · 75 views

NOTE: I want to clarify that this is an advanced Atari 2600 programming series. As such, I will not be covering basic things like triggering a Vertical Sync, what a Kernel is, why you need to set a timer for Vertical Blank, etc. If you need to learn that you should check out with the following:
Collect - detailed development of a 2K game
2600 Programmin...

Elgato impressed me today

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 21 March 2015 · 120 views

This morning I noticed the count for Schedules (for scheduled recordings) was only 65, which is way less than normal.  Looking into it, I realized the Programming Guide was missing data for any shows that started on or after 7pm of March 27th.  The guide usually covers just under 14 days, while March 27th is less than a week away.  

Medieval Mayhem manual scan

Posted by SpiceWare, in Medieval Mayhem 20 March 2015 · 108 views

Apparently the Medieval Mayhem manual isn't available online, so here it is!   The Tri-Fold manual doesn't fit in my scanner when it's fully unfolded, so I've done it as 3 scans instead of 2.



Houston Art Car Parade 2015

Posted by SpiceWare, in Houston 20 March 2015 · 111 views

After many years of inviting them, my sister and her family are finally coming up for the Houston Art Car Parade !  
Not only that, my brother-in-law is entering a vehicle!  Here's a teaser - what could it be?!?!  I'll add more photos later.

The parade's been moved up a month, this year it'll be on April 11th instead of in...

The Story of Stay Frosty 2, Part 15

Posted by SpiceWare, in Stay Frosty 2 04 March 2015 · 179 views

We clarified the issues with the snowman graphics, things like how many color palettes were needed - it used to be 3, but was now 4.

cd-w reviewed the C code looking for optimization opportunities. He didn't see any, but gave some overall suggestions:

We again discussed adding ARM support to Stella as it would make testing a lot more convenient. batar...

DPC+ARM - Part 6, DPC+ Cartridge Layout

Posted by SpiceWare, in DPC+ ARM Development 02 March 2015 · 171 views

DPC+ Driver

The DPC+ Driver is the ARM code that the Harmony/Melody runs in order to emulate a DPC+ coprocessor.

The 6507 in the Atari has no access to the driver.

While the driver is located in ROM, it is copied into RAM when the Harmony/Melody first powers up. This is because the code runs faster when located in RAM and the extra speed is requi...

The Story of Stay Frosty 2, Part 14

Posted by SpiceWare, in Stay Frosty 2 01 March 2015 · 125 views

batari and I spent some more time investigating crash problems, we thought it was due to the C stack colliding with variable RAM but it wasn't. I figured out that changing the order of code would often fix the crash, though it wasn't clear to any of us why that should solve the problem.

Had a discussion on a health meter for the boss. I shot that down, p...

DPC+ARM - Part 5, C Compiler

Posted by SpiceWare, in DPC+ ARM Development 24 February 2015 · 136 views

Update Ubuntu

There were some updates to Ubuntu. If you applied them, you'll probably need to re-install the Guest Additions , then restart your virtual machine.


Due to the Max File size of 50 MB, I've divided each of the compiler installers into 3 parts using the split 1 command.

Using your Host OS, create a new folder in the Shared...

The Story of Stay Frosty 2, Part 13

Posted by SpiceWare, in Stay Frosty 2 22 February 2015 · 135 views


To help with the jitter problem supercat, batari, and cd-w rewrote the BitReversal in ARM assembly - it didn't help. I did some research and found a site(now gone) that compared the use of BitReversal and the lookup table - the function took less than twice the time of the table to use, so that wasn't the source of jitter. The ARM assembly was s...

DPC+ARM - Part 4, Cloning

Posted by SpiceWare, in DPC+ ARM Development 21 February 2015 · 155 views


Note: Cloning is optional, but will be useful to you in the future.

We have 4 different versions of the compiler available. Normally you'd want to use just the latest version; however, through experimentation, we've found that sometimes an older version will produce smaller code. That can be extremely useful when trying to fit everything into...

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