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Edit Mode rev 2

Posted by , in jEdit 14 February 2006 · 1,188 views

I made some more changes to the Edit Mode file and am pretty happy with how it works.  All the 6502 [s]opcodes 1   mnemonics highlight as keyword1, DASM commands as keyword2 and the constants for all the Atari specific variabels as keyword 3.  Numbers correctly highlight for hex using $ format and binary with %.  I included octal rules, though I don...

jEdit for IDE?

Posted by , in jEdit 12 February 2006 · 1,809 views

I started messing around with jEdit to see how it well it would work for coding an Atari game. I've begun writing the syntax highlighting rules(the attached xml file) that currently highlight as shown in the screen capture.To use the syntax highlighting, put the assembly-6502.xml file in...

Warlords Status Update 3

Posted by , in Warlords 12 February 2006 · 1,047 views

Didn't get as far as I'd like due to being laid up with a sinus infection; but, I'm down to 2 RAM variables to decipher and have 125 labels renamed with 197 to go.

Warlords Status Update

Posted by , in Warlords 05 February 2006 · 2,092 views

I'm down to 8 RAM variables to decipher and have 108 labels renamed1   with 214 to go.  A couple interesting finds:each player's paddle is only read every 4th frame.  There's a couple subroutines, that I named SmoothXmotion   and SmoothYmotion  , that are used to smooth out the motion over the 4 frames between paddle readings.  As a test I cha...

Found a bug that can kill you

Posted by , in Warlords 24 January 2006 · 966 views

During the Vertical Blank the program converts the paddle reading to x-y sprite coordinates as well as setting the X sprite position of the top players and calculating the X positioning values for the bottom players. However, the sequence isn't in the correct order. It's not a major deal, unless you have captured a fireball. If you're holding a fireball...

Updating 2600 Warlords

Posted by , in Warlords 22 January 2006 · 1,087 views

I'm working on enhancing Warlords for the 2600. I plan to convert it to 8K then start hacking away. I'm currently on step 1 and have attached the source with my first weeks worth of commenting in case anybody would like to review it.1) Document Source2) Convert to 8K3) find RAM for new routines (rewrite of wall routines should free up 32...

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