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113 Channels

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 21 May 2013 · 1,584 views

Time for another rescan! 7 channels have been added since my last rescan.
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COZI, another classic TV channel, has appeared on 57.5. TV Guide doesn't know about it yet so I can't schedule any recordings for it. Lassie's on at the moment:
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Unlike the other classic channels, COZI has original programming. I suspect that's why they're broadcasting a 16:9 signal.

The forthcoming Movies! channel has a placeholder on 20.2. Per wiki they'll be launching next week on Memorial Day (the 27th).
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Two new encrypted channels appeared on 68 and 69 while 70 and 71 are simulcasts of 49-3 (ION Life) and 49-2 (Qubo). All four are on 665 MHz, which is the same frequency used for channels 46-1 and 46-4. Have no idea on why they didn't use the same virtual channel number for all six of those channels.

I haven't kept up my spreadsheet but I think the other new channel is 50-1, another religious channel, as I didn't have anything for channel 50 before.

Oh, I thought this was an Atari 2600 entry and you invented a way to have 113 sound channels. :D
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He probably could with Wickeycolumbus's overclocked Atari 2600 with an overclocked DPC+ chip. This might do over 150 notes per frame with TIA's 2 sound channels. Anything possible :D.
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I've really got to beef up my current antennae, namely by putting some reflectors on the back of it. I'm still astounded that you're able to pick up that many stations. I can only get about 20 in the Rochester area.
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@Nateo, spend some time with TVfool.com to figure out what stations & directions you can probably receive.
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