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Cartridge RAM Progress

Posted by SpiceWare, in Stella 10 April 2014 · 819 views

It's been about a month since I last looked at Stella, so last night I started off by reviewing the changes I'd made so far.
I then started to work on implementing the 5 buttons to the right of the Cartridge RAM Grid.  UndoRevert and Reset buttons appear to be working.  Search and Compare are enabled when appropriate, but they don't yet function correctly.
Starting with:
Attached Image
Manually changed 4 Cartridge RAM locations
Attached Image
After Undo:
Attached Image
After Revert:
Attached Image
Search brings up the box:
Attached Image
but finds the wrong things.  It should locate the RAM I denoted with purple boxes, but instead found the two RAM locations in the red box:
Attached Image
Compare doesn't do anything, though Reset works to clear out the Search results:
Attached Image
I have a number of RL events going on over the next few days, so progress will probably be slow.  I plan to finish implementing the Search and Compare buttons, then add the Cartridge RAM tab to more of the cartridge types - it currently shows up for DPC+ and F8SC * cartridges.  After that I'll submit the changes to stephena then resume work on Frantic and Draconian.
*8K cartridge with 128 bytes of SuperChip RAM

Search and Compare now work.  


Next up, support for more than just 2 cartridge types.

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