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Updated MODE file

Posted by SpiceWare, in jEdit 26 June 2014 · 1,845 views

No update for Collect today - I got sidetracked trying to figure out how to use the "DELEGATE" feature of jEdit's mode files.   Once I figured that out I was able to revise my mode file so that binary numbers will now show the 0 and 1 digits using different colors.  This makes it easier to see graphic shapes in the data:
Attached Image
Instructions on how to install the mode file can be found in this blog entry.
Attached File  assembly-6502.xml.zip (2.32KB)
downloads: 114

Edit: was trying to change the syntax colors to make the 1s stand out better when I realized that INVALID used a different background color
Attached Image

So I changed my MODE file to color 0s with DIGIT and 1s with INVALID
Attached Image

New mode file:
Attached File  assembly-6502.xml.2.zip (2.32KB)
downloads: 127

Minor tweak that greatly improves the ability to see the graphic shape in the binary value.
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