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Missile Engine rebooted

Posted by SpiceWare, in Draconian 20 May 2017 · 538 views

While there's still more to do with it, the Missile engine's been rewritten to support line by line HMOVEs. Additionally, it can now use the ball object to draw things.  In all prior builds the ball was limited to drawing the starfield.
Starting from the top:

  • horizontal player shot
  • diagonal player shot
  • diagonal player shot
  • vertical player shot
  • station shot (animated)
  • horizontal energy field (animated)
  • vertical energy field (animated)
Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image
From left to right the objects are drawn with:
  • player0
  • player1
  • missile0
  • missile1
  • ball
The images used to draw the players are for the collision detection routines.  The data used by the missile/ball looks different - player graphics on the left, missile graphics on the right:
Attached Image
One thing to note is the ball can take on a distinct color, whereas the missiles always take on their corresponding player's color.  As such, when I reimplement the stations I'm going to make it prefer drawing energy field using the ball.
Hold down fire to slow down the animation speed.
For Harmony on a 2600* 
Attached File  draconian20170520.bin (32KB)
downloads: 20
* we discovered an issue with Fast Jump that required an update to the Harmony/Melody driver as well as Stella's implementation of it. As such, you'll need Stella 5.0.0-pre8 or newer, which isn't available yet. For those of you using OS X, here's a pre_pre8 build that'll work with Draconian:
Attached File  Stella_pre_pre8.app.zip (3.75MB)
downloads: 19

added an animated GIF
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