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Logo revised

Posted by SpiceWare, in Draconian 28 August 2017 · 786 views

I'd hoped to get a few more things in place for this build, but my neighborhood's now in the voluntary evacuation zone:
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so I thought it best to make an offsite backup of the current source.

  • revised logo
  • menu font revisions
  • vertical core graphic revised
  • score luma reduced
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For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.2 or newer)
Attached File  draconian_20170828.bin (32KB)
downloads: 37
Attached File  draconian_20170828.zip (433.89KB)
downloads: 26

How are things going there?  Are the streets flooded or are they just in danger of flooding?

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On my street it's just up to the curb, but the Brazos river will be overflowing soon as the flood waters make their way to the Gulf.  Hard to say what'll happen here.  A couple of my neighbors drove around in a truck to check things out this afternoon - they said they couldn't get out of the neighborhood, so no chance of making it in my S2000.
So tonight I'm stressing out a bit while I work my way through the house putting things up higher.

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Stay safe, Darrell. Fingers crossed that the water doesn't get higher in your neighbourhood.
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The pictures on the news are unbelievable.   I hope you continue to stay safe and that things improve soon.   Some things are more important than Atari.



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Hope that it's going well.  I have been in situations where I have had to pick up as much as I could off the floor; luckily in my case the water never made it into the house.  But I understand the aggravation...

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Ouch, that looks bad!

On the other hand if you had a canoe, would there be enough water to ride it, or too dangerous to get out in a boat even?

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I don't have a boat but others have taken theirs out help in the rescue efforts.

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The forecasted crest for the Brazos river was lowered from 59' to 57.5' which makes a huge difference for my neighborhood.  I posted details here.  I slept well last night for the first time since last week.
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