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Sector Editor

Posted by SpiceWare, in Draconian 13 September 2017 · 587 views

  • applied Reposition Kernel optimizations from Omegamatrix which freed up 105 bytes
  • created a sector editor for user submitted Delta levels.
  • revised the pause screen to show the blinking starfield instead of a black screen with text
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At the moment there's 408 bytes free of ROM.
I'd originally planned to try to write the Sector Editor as a web app and put it up on my site. Harvey put me a bit behind schedule, and since I've not written a web app like this before I decided a command line program would be more expedient. The program's called dracsec. To run it, download the draconian.bin file and put it in the same directory as dracsec. Also in the directory is a file called sectors.txt which can contain up to 4 sector layouts. dracsec will patch the bin file, to run it you'll open a command prompt/terminal window and executive the following:
Linux & Mac:
./dracsec draconian.bin sectors.txt
dracsec draconian.bin sectors.txt
Note: you'll use draconian_20170913.bin for this build.  I had to modify the level data so dracsec could locate it, so dracsec will only work with this and future builds of Draconian (and won't work anymore once the final 16 Delta levels are in place).
The text file's in a fairly simple format.  You'll have a line specifying the initial X and Y location of the player's ship, followed by 1-8 lines for station locations.  The station starts out with the Orientation followed by its X and Y location.  You can repeat this sequence up to 3 more times for a total of four sectors.
Allowable X and Y values are 0 to 255 to position the station within the sector.  
Additionally you can use -1 to -8 for the X value and -1 to -16 for the Y value.  These values refer to the radar pixel locations and will be converted to the appropriate 0-255 value to light up a specific radar pixel. In radar pixels -1 -1 denotes the top-left corner while -8 -16 is the bottom right.
For the stations the Orientation is H for Horizontal and V for Vertical.  The orientation denotes which direction the E-Type missiles will be launched from the station.
Blank lines and anything following an * will be ignored.
* sector 1
-4 -8 * player position
v -1 -1
v -2 -2
v -3 -3
v -4 -4
v -5 -5
v -6 -6
v -7 -7
v -8 -8
* sector 2
-4 -8 * player position
v -3 -8
v -5 -8
v -4 -7
v -4 -9
* sector 3
-4 -8 * player position
h -3 -8
h -5 -8
h -4 -7
h -4 -9
* sector 4
110 118 * player position
h 9 0
v 40 17
h 233 240
v 200 225
h 9 240
v 40 225
h 233 0
v 200 17
So please give dracsec a spin and let me know if you run into any problems - don't forget to change the QUADRANT to Δ (delta) to playtest your levels.  I plan to post a topic this weekend for the sector design contest.
dracsec builds:
Attached File  dracsec_linux.zip (8.08KB)
downloads: 32
Attached File  dracsec_mac.zip (7.04KB)
downloads: 30
Attached File  dracsec_win.zip (43.76KB)
downloads: 35
For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.2 or newer)
Attached File  draconian_20170913.bin (32KB)
downloads: 48
Attached File  draconian_20170913.zip (559.15KB)
downloads: 110

You should change the CUSTOMNAME in the Makefile from testarm to draco or similar :)


(though don't use draconian or it will collide with the 2600 bin file) ...



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How many possible "winners" would you be expecting? 16 max, I would think...

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I've allocated space for 16 Δ Sectors. Each person will be allowed to submit one build with 4 sectors. It's possible all 4 of their sector layouts could be selected.

Looking at the calendar, the submissions will need to be in by the end of September 30th. Voting on the levels will take place first week of October, concluding on the 7th as I plan to post the Release Candidate on the 8th. Haven't worked out the details yet but some of the sectors will be selected by public, while some of them might be chosen by me, Nathan, iesposta, etc. as "Programmer's Choice", "Designer's Choice",  etc.

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