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Release Candidate 5

Posted by SpiceWare, in Draconian 12 October 2017 · 513 views

  • Fix issue where stations could take out another station's docked E-Type missile, whose explosion would take out the station it was docked too.
  • Condition Yellow now includes "station onscreen".  Before it was only tied to the presence of enemy missiles.  This oversight was mostly noticeable when playing KIDS or EASY.
  • Reduced the number of directions an I-Type and P-Type missile will enter the screen.  This makes it less like a missile will show up then immediately fly offscreen.
  • updated AA Jingle
This is the new Release Candidate. Please play it as much as you can and report any bugs right away as I hit the road for Portland first thing Saturday morning.


For Harmony or Stella (requires Stella 5.0.2 or newer)
Attached File  draconian_20171012_RC5.bin (32KB)
downloads: 49


Attached File  draconian_20171012_RC5.zip (955.5KB)
downloads: 31

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