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Sync Pop

Posted by SpiceWare, 21 February 2018 · 435 views

Last night Nathan asked if I could create a 2600 sync pop program to aid in his creation of AtariAge YouTube videos.  The program does a 10 second countdown starting at 9:59 seconds.  When it hits 2:59 it displays a red square and generates a tone for a single frame.  He included this mockup:
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
It continues to count down to 0:00 then restarts at 9:59.  Format didn't matter, just the functionality, so I did a quick and dirty hack of Collect (changed the colors, blanked out playfield data, etc) as it was already set up to display the digits.
Attached Image
Nathan needed this because his capture software records the audio out-of-sync for some reason.  Using SyncPop makes it easier to align the audio track with the video in post production. Usage is:

  • Start Audio and Video recording software
  • Load SyncPop in Stella, let it count down 
  • Load game in Stella, record what you need
  • Once again load SyncPop in Stella, let it count down
  • End Audio and Video recording
  • Use the occurrence of the Red Square and Audio Tone at 2:59 to synchronize audio with video
Attached File  syncpop_20180221.bin (2KB)
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Attached File  SyncPop_20180221.zip (60.33KB)
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