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OK Go - White Knuckles

Posted by SpiceWare, in Music 22 September 2010 · 1,196 views

OK Go makes yet another cool video, this one featuring canines


Interesting article about it

when Damian Kulash—OK Go's lead vocals and guitar—told him that the video should be done in one single take, no cuts whatsoever. Sonnenburg thought it was impossible
Sonnenburg explained to Damian that it was going to be the most difficult video with animals ever made, requiring 12 dogs and 12 trainers (and a goat) to be perfectly synchronized to pull through three minutes and thirty-six seconds of intense choreography between the canines and the four band members.
At the end of the four week schedule, they had 124 takes, 30 of them complete. Of those, 10 were excellent, according to Sonnenburg, but it was the 72—"Somehow it came across on screen that this was real and had integrity"—which was considered the perfect one.

Impressive video.

If I'd zapped into it per chance on the radio, I'd been like "Uihjah... Prince is making music again?!" :lust:
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