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Name suggestions?

Posted by SpiceWare, in Space Rocks 27 June 2011 · 892 views

While playing Asteroids last night for the 7800 HSC, I got to thinking that Frantic's sprite routines could be used to make a much better version of Asteroids. Since there's no playfield to update, I think I can even get each sprite's reposition routine down to a single scanline (in Frantic Player 0 takes 2 scanlines while Player 1 takes 3).

Anybody got a name suggestion?

It was called "Meteors" on the BBC Micro:

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пространство породах (Space Rocks) ;)
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No wait... "Boulder Dash" :D
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'Roid Rage? :ponder:
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"Planet Remains"

"Space Rubble Trouble"

"Space Ship vs. Space Rocks"

"Shoot the Space Rocks Before They Collide with Your Space Ship"

"You're Not Actually Going *INTO* a Planetoid Field?!?"

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Between A Bunch Of Rocks And A Hard Place

Just Like Space Wars, But With More Rocks And Only One Player

Meteoric Mayhem

Rock The Casbah (the ship's name is "The Casbah")
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Meteoric Mayhem

hmm... Not sure about the "ic" though... Meteor Mayhem :ponder:
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Between A Bunch Of Rocks And A Hard Place

Or "Between Rocks in a Hard Space"?
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Frag All Rock ;)

Oort Cloud Chaos

Ceres Smash-up

Vesta Violence

Pallas Pandemonium

Hygiea Havoc

Meteor Madness


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I Like Bacon. I know that makes no sense, I've just always wanted to buy a video game called "I Like Bacon."
How about Asteravoid?
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Rock'n'Rolloids - if you give the option for a spiffy soundtrack and the asteroids tumble a lot.
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Rock'n'Rolloids sounds like it would be a good Haemorrhoid cream :)
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I took a look at things last night and realized Asteroids is doing line-by-line shifting of the sprites, just like I did with the dragon in Medieval Mayhem!

It makes sense to do it for the additional detail on the large asteroids, but it'll mean the Frantic's routines for collision detection won't be reusable.

This does add a repositioning wrinkle as well - if I want to do this w/out HMOVE bars then the line-by-line shifting is one-way only which might complicate the graphic design. If I allow the HMOVE bars then the sprite positioning routines will need to be redone.

As such I decided to come back to this idea after Frantic and Chun Li are finished.
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I'd forgotten about this topic. Saw it when I checked out the Uncategorized blog entries.

пространство породах (Space Rocks) ;)

Hmm... Babel Fish translates "Space Rocks" as утесы космоса
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I was using Google Translate.
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odd, their online translator comes back with

пространство скалы

if I click on скалы a list pops up with 4 alternative word choices:
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Hmm, maybe just leave it as Space Rocks

Asteroid mining by 2020: Robo-ships to dig space rocks for gold & fuel

even more official

Keeping an Eye on Space Rocks

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Space Rocks could make for a fun label contest.
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