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6507 all in bank 5

Posted by SpiceWare, in Frantic 24 September 2011 · 558 views

  • Finished merging 6507 banks 4 & 5 into bank 5. Saved 377 bytes by doing this!
  • updated robot up/down graphics (no more sliding leg)
  • revised sprite routines to offset the Right-Robot images by 1 pixel
  • revised wall avoidance routines to work better with animated sprites
  • new screen which shows last score for a bit, with continue countdown if enabled. Hitting fire on this screen will start a new game, starting level depends on the continue setting
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There's some quirks with the last score screen and hitting Game Select on the Atari. No need to tell me as I'm aware of it.

Had wanted to get a few more changes in, but decided to post what I'd finished as I've run out of time. Tomorrow's Frantic Free Sunday and I'm heading out soon to meet up with some friends, we're going to see Maroon 5 & Train tonight.

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