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National Night Out

Posted by SpiceWare, in Houston 04 October 2011 · 3,019 views

Tonight's National Night Out for the Houston area. I thought it'd be fun to demo my games to the neighbors. I've got two 2600s and a 7800 that I'm going to set up in the driveway.

To make it easier for them to play Medieval Mayhem, I used these
Attached Image

to color code the paddles. I took a purple sharpie to the white cable-id as there wasn't a purple one.
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Test run of the systems. I know it's not "tis the season", but I don't want my tables to get messed up on the concrete so I dug into my Xmas stash for the rugs :D
Attached Image Attached Image

All set up in the driveway
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Got too wrapped up showing off the games so I didn't get any photos during NNO. The kids played the games while the adults reminisced. I was surprised that the kids found Medieval Mayhem to be too difficult, even with it set to kids speed! Stay Frosty seemed to be the most popular, followed by Frantic.
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Hey! Neat idea..

I like what you did with the paddles.
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I LOVE the paddles idea. I have to do this to my own.
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The Cable-IDs mostly worked well, though I did notice a few times where the player holding purple thought they were the bottom-left (blue) instead of top-left. I'd even tweaked the TINT control beforehand to make sure the colors matched as well as I could make them.

Maybe colored labels on the monitor case corners would also help.

I'll have to bring the Cable-IDs along if we have another Medieval Mayhem contest at the next CGE.
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