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forgotten camera

Posted by SpiceWare, in Travel 26 June 2012 · 1,296 views

As mentioned earlier this month, I've been busy with my "closet consolidation project" in preparation for my folks moving in. It's been going quite well, my dining room table is full of things to take to Good Will, the guest closet is empty, and the garbage men are probably wondering what's going on. Garbage pickup is twice a week here and I normally only put a single trashcan out every 2nd or 3rd time. I've been putting out both trashcans twice a week since starting on the project!

While going through one of the boxes I discovered one of those disposable panoramic cameras. I had no idea what was on it, and the camera said "develop by 1999" on it so I didn't even know if the photos would still be OK, nor did I know if they could even be developed by anybody. I stopped at Walgreens during lunch and the guy said they could. I went ahead and got the photo CD while I was at it.

I'm glad I got the photo CD - the photos were pretty washed out:
Attached Image

so I used iPhoto's Auto Enhance feature and was able to get some detail to show up:
Attached Image

After looking through the photos I realized they were from a business trip I'd taken to Miami in the mid 90s to attend an EDI conference. The 15 photos can be viewed here.

I've still got more to go through, I'm consolidating 3 closets worth of stuff down to 2, who knows what else I'll find!

Freecycle is also a great way of getting rid of stuff which has functional* value but little monetary value.
Kijiji / Craigslist for big stuff with decent monetary value
eBay for small stuff with decent monetary value

* although this may include stuff which may not be working anymore
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Great suggestions, but won't work for me at this time.

The stuff ending up in the trash is non-functional and original boxes. I'd moved so much when I was younger (by the time I was 25, I'd lived 25 places!) that I was in the habit of keeping most of my boxes for things because their padding was great for the moves where all the friends help out for beer and pizza. I've lived in my home since 1999 and if I happen to move again I'll be paying somebody to do the moving.

The other stuff I'm getting rid of isn't worth much, but there's enough of it that needs to be gone when my folks get here in 2-3 weeks that I don't have the time to deal with individual pickups - hence Good Will. They're just a couple miles down the road.
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I've been doing the same thing at work - clearing out my office and storage area due to a construction project. Then, I have to put it all back after losing half of my storage. The move back starts tomorrow, and I'm still sorting stuff. I've been finding paperwork dating back to before I worked here (18 years). The file cabinet breathed a sigh of relief when I cleaned it out.

Currently, I've got others around work stopping by to see if there's anything they can use. What they can't use we'll try to sell/give to students before the fall semester begins. Anything left after that gets recycled. It'll be interesting to see how much stuff I actually have left when I move it all back. Right now, it's in a much larger room than my office, so it's very deceptive.
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Well, they just pushed my move back to July 10-11. So it's annoying that I can't get this out of the way and get back into my office, but it gives me more junk-sorting time.
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