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I never finish anything...

Posted by mojofltr, 24 July 2017 · 447 views

I never finish anything...

So it is starting to seem more and more unlikely (with the exception of a limited release of Bombs Away / Drop Zone IV) and Tremors (Scott's  hack of Mine Dig) that any of my games will see a cartridge release.  If you are interested, feel free to get someone to do a one-off.
I will try again to see if Captainbreakout has found any motivation to complete the artwork he began for Mine Dig.  He is busy with his family life.  In the meantime, I hope he won't mind if I post his brilliant rough draft here.
If anyone is interested in doing some artwork or helping to manufacture and distribute the following games, let me know...
My bB games with ROMs...
Hunt the Wumpus: https://atariage.com...pus-atari-2600/
Mine Dig: http://atariage.com/...dig-atari-2600/
Kuru Kuru Tsuchinoko: http://atariage.com/...oko-atari-2600/
Danny: http://atariage.com/...nny-atari-2600/
No Touchy: http://atariage.com/...chy-atari-2600/
Here is a link to my other blog where I am trying to round up several of my old games and programs and get them back online:  https://www.glorious...cks.com/blog/72

You're far from alone in getting projects going a long way, but never really quite finished. It probably is easier for me to remember which projects of mine are done, than which projects still are in development, bug fixing or whatever other state they may be in. Generally the only tasks I get to finish is when I'm doing a small contribution to someone else's big project, or writing intentional crap games that should not have much polish or thought anyway.

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Sometimes those "crap games" are a great way to get ideas or tricks for other projects.  Glorioustrainwrecks is a great place to post my projects, complete or unfinished, and people often find something to appreciate about them.  Kirk Israel introduced me to the site back when he had just completed Joust Pong.  icon_smile.gif


For many years I have thought about branding my games with ".5 AST Games".  However, the label is is so fitting, I have never come around to designing a logo.  Hahaha.  Ah well... it's also the same reason I could never make myself interested in getting a tattoo; if such a label is applied and I later decided I didn't like it, it would likely irritate me when looking past projects... no matter how proud I am of how a project may have turned out in the end.  

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