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Posted by mojofltr, 29 April 2018 · 122 views

I am stuck at home - no driving privileges until I get the okay from my doctors. I am stir crazy.  I have an appointment with a therapist on Monday, an appointment with the dentist on Wednesday (I chewed two teeth loose on the breathing tube while comatose and an oral surgeon extracted them), and an appointment with the cardiologist on Thursday (I was diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson's White Syndrome - which is the ongoing hypothesis as to what put me into a coma in the first place). Getting out should help some with the boredom, but I can still think of other ways I'd rather spend my time.  I actually miss work and my kids.  I know - crazy!
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In the hospital I had what they call ICU Psychosis... ie Delirium.  Mine wasn't so distressing as it was bizarre.   While unconscious, I heard a lot of what people said around me, but my brain wasn't working correctly and misinterpreted just about everything.  This continued after I began waking up.  I lived through delusion after hallucination after delusion.  I could fill several pages detailing the weird stories I had in my head.  Even now, I start thinking on something that happened in the hospital and then have to ask if it really happened or not.  Usually, it didn't.  It is amazing what can happen to your mind when the electrical signals are misfiring.
The last therapist came Thursday and gave me the same exact cognitive test that was given to Trump.  I think I know what it feels like to be in 2nd grade again.
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A couple of months back, I bought a Wii on Facebook for $20.  It came with four wiimotes, two nunchucks, four steering wheels, four wii-motion plus attachments, the wii, all hook-ups, and about 10 games.  I thought it was quite a deal.  I don't play games very much - no one to play with - and hadn't ever taken time to hook it up until I got home from the hospital.  As it turns out, Nintendo closed the store on the day that I went into a coma, so I was unable to obtain any of the wiiware.  So, I decided to softmod it and use it for emulation. Well, now I have a machine full of games I won't play. Hahaha!
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Before the hospital, I backed NESMaker on Kickstarter.  I am a somewhat poor person and only contributed enough to obtain the software when it comes out in August.  Now I am seeing a lot of what people are making and wishing I had paid enough to partake in the beta testing.  When I finally get the software, I probably won't have much time to make games because I'll be heading back to school.
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Here are some links if any of the topics above interest you...

I feel sad when someone can't go outside because you're sick.


I hope you will recover from WPW soon.


And thanks for the links.


About Nesmaker, will they sell this tool? 


These screenshots look great to me.

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I believe that NESMaker will be sold when it is out of beta... probably for around 35 bucks.  That is only a guess.


The Wolff Parkinson's White Syndrome is likely a lifelong thing... and honestly, I think I have helped regulate it myself with Xanax.  However, while I was in the hospital, they took me off of Xanax and put me on Clonazepam.  The Clonazepam made me feel really dopey...  I mean, more than usual even!  Since I was released, I visited my doctor and he changed me back to Xanax.


I can go out as long as someone else drives.  That's difficult during the day though because everyone works.  Last night I went out on a short roadtrip to the next city over for Chinese food.  It was nom-nom good!  :)


Thanks for your response.  I'm very stir-crazy and it is cool to be reminded that there are other people out and about.  Haha.  :D

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