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Protector: RESURGENCE coming to the Jag CD in September 2014!

Posted by Songbird, 28 July 2014 · 382 views

A bit late to the party for my blog update, but in case you haven't heard the news yet:
Looking forward to making this available to the fans! :)

Another sneak peek from the upcoming game...

Posted by Songbird, 06 July 2014 · 424 views

Another sneak peek from the upcoming game... One more teaser...

A taste of the Mystery (Project)...

Posted by Songbird, 25 June 2014 · 501 views

A taste of the Mystery (Project)... Enjoy, my friends!

Jaguar purrs once again... with a new CD game by Songbird!

Posted by Songbird, 16 June 2014 · 505 views

Yep, it's true. I'm finally working on Mystery Project #1 which has been dormant for, oh, a decade or more. Wow. Did I just blink?
Anyway, more details will be forthcoming soon, but rest assured this will be ready for release at Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas this September, and while it's not a formerly lost Jaguar game like Robinson's Requie...

Robinson's Requiem now available for the Jaguar CD

Posted by Songbird, 30 May 2011 · 587 views

Get all the details right here:


and help spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, VideoGameGeek.com, and more!

Show your support by ordering your copy today! Thank you to all the Jag fans who have...

The end of a journey...

Posted by Songbird, 28 May 2011 · 558 views

... is just the beginning. How do you describe it? A respite? A rebirth? A reprieve? A return?

Stay tuned for what happens next!

Good things come to those who wait

Posted by Songbird, 21 February 2011 · 530 views

Yeah, it's a cliche; I get it. But I was just discussing "delayed gratification" today with my two oldest boys during (believe it or not) a game of Risk Factions on XBLA. We talked about how you collect stars to turn in for troops, but the more stars you turn in, the bigger the troop supply. So, if you can wait long enough, you get a much...


Posted by Songbird, 06 May 2007 · 527 views

The original Protector, first released in 1999 for the Atari Jaguar, is back in stock! This game has been out of production since 2002, but due to fan demand is now available for a limited time. Once the supply runs out, it is unlikely this game will ever be produced again. Visit the Songbird online catalog...

So what *are* the Mystery Games, anyway?

Posted by Songbird, 09 February 2007 · 429 views

One question which comes up every couple of months is "What are the Mystery Games?" This is understandable, since on my Songbird Projects page I mention not one but multiple Lynx and Jaguar mystery projects.

I put these as a placeholder for projects either in progress or intended to be...