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Prowling in the Jungle

Posted by , 10 March 2006 · 680 views

It's amazing to me, and a tribute to the Atari community as a whole, that we can continue to look forward to new Atari Jaguar and Lynx products in 2006. Think about it. That's a full ten years since Atari published its last Jaguar game, and at least seventeen years since Atari first sold a Lynx! Wow.So what does this year hold? Never enough, I know, but that's life when you're doing this part-time for the love of the hobby and the community. But here are a few tidbits on what I see coming down the pipe:* Lynx Multicart - This is going to be an awesome and diverse collection of small games to keep Lynx fans entertained. I'll go into more detail in a future blog about my first impressions on these games. Plus look for some cool technical features on this cart that haven't been done before on the Lynx!* Jaguar Mystery Project #1 and #2 - Yes, I know, these are rarely discussed since almost nobody knows what they are. But I am hopeful to make progress this year and see one, possibly both, published before Christmas. And for the record, one of these requires me to write all the code, and some of the code has already been written and tested. ;) I may be looking for some help in the graphics department, however, since I stink at art.* Jungle Guide #3 - I've got a number of articles already finished, so really I need to start bugging Kevin to get the layout done. If he's nice, I might even give him the articles, too. :DAnd in other non-Atari news, I am working on my first strategy card game design (not a CCG, for those who care) and have a very interested publisher who wants the game out before Christmas. It's quite different working on a card game versus working on code, but it's still an exciting challenge and something I've wanted to try my hand at for a long time.Special thanks to all the Atari fans who have supported Songbird through the years. I hope I, along with many other talented coders, artists, and audio-ists, can continue to support these cherished systems for years to come!

Very cool. Good luck with your strategy card game design!
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Great start for your blog, Carl!

I never knew you were into designing strategy card games as well. I'm looking forward to hearing more about that, and your new Jaguar and Lynx projects, of course!
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This is good news! :thumbsup:

It's a pity that there's so much negativity in the Jaguar"community"

To all the developers; keep up the good work!!!
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What kind of Jaguar art are you looking for?

I guess it would help to know how complex
the art is you need.

email me at : Zeptari@comcast.net

I'd be glad to help.
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I would also be interested in helping with art if I could be of any use, really depends on what your looking for.
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