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Memoirs of an X register

Making tools in fig-FORTH, an ANTIC Disassembler

Posted by tschak909, 17 March 2012 · 600 views

Afternoon, :)

I've made a series of 4 YouTube videos describing in detail the conceptual work, and the creation of words to implement an ANTIC disassembler tool in FORTH to compliment the ANTIC assembler that I wrote.

This basically demonstrates how FORTH can quickly be used to make useful tools that can be intermingled with the development of...

APX Extended Fig-Forth: Writing a Full Screen Editor

Posted by tschak909, 11 March 2012 · 726 views

Hello everyone, progresssing on fig-FORTH. :)

As part of my work, I am hammering away on tools that I will need to write the game. One of the tools I absolutely want, is a full screen text editor, it will have very simple requirements:

split a 64 character fig-FORTH screen line into two 32 character windows, which when the cursor moves, will be...

Paring it all down, why FORTH is interesting to me now.

Posted by tschak909, 03 March 2012 · 768 views

Hello everyone,

I've been putting little bits of musings on FORTH, as I use the fig-FORTH implementation on the Atari 800 to write a graphics demo that I am working on.

Because FORTH isn't a language, it's an environment with a way of life radically different than anything else out there, It has seriously caused me to reexamine my perspective...

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