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Seeing the Shields

Posted by tschak909, 24 July 2006 · 298 views

And now after some initial work, the graphics display for the shields is started... yes.. I will be doing a better job on the graphics soon, I just wanted something in place to mess with. :-P

(can some people help me out on the graphics later?) :-)

I did realise that I will need to kill the shield graphics, the moment the invaders touch it, because of the vertical scrolling technique i am using.. the LMS to the screen memory that holds the shields gets _CLOBBERED_ ... oops, didn't think about that one hahaha.

more to come, later.

[attachment=1242:attachment] <-- the shields, finally on screen.

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IIRC the arcade game removed the shields once the invaders got to that level.
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