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the scarlet letter, or, red-letter day

Posted by atari2600land, 14 November 2018 · 22 views

So I was going through my computer and I found a version of a title screen for Fatso 2 that was really advanced from the one I remember. I don't remember making this one though. Sad news, though, my Odyssey 2 died, but that's okay because yesterday I went and got a second one in case that were to happen. Odd that it would happen the next morning, though....

Room of Doom - noises

Posted by atari2600land, 13 November 2018 · 41 views

I spent some time yesterday trying to put original, non-stock noises in the game. I think I have done it. At the beginning, the game plays a short "tune" and when you die, the game makes a buzz that isn't like the buzz that you'd hear in a normal Odyssey2 game. The Odyssey2 has a very limited library of noises. But it can make more than just those. If y...

Room of Doom - A ghost

Posted by atari2600land, 12 November 2018 · 41 views

So I put a ghost in the game Room of Doom for the Odyssey2 . I've used up 1669/2048 bytes  I'm a bit puzzled as to why my game wasn't working when it had way less code than it does now, and I tested my game on a real Odyssey2 and it works fine. Since it's a ghost, you can shoot right through it and it doesn't die because it's already dead. It's a ha...

Room of Doom - the return

Posted by atari2600land, 11 November 2018 · 39 views

So I figured that since the alien showing up was causing problems, making him not be on the screen all the time and be animated might make the game work better. So I got rid of the alien and instead made the guys shoot at you, which is what I was going to do later anyway. But there was still a problem: The guys shooting at the bottom when they're not ther...

A Switch

Posted by atari2600land, 09 November 2018 · 43 views

It had been a long time since I used my Nintendo Switch. Since I just got a Switch game for my birthday a week ago, I thought I'd turn the thing on and play it some more. It needed an update. I was expecting a long one since it had been a while, so I went to the bathroom. Came back and it was already done. So anyway, the game I got for my birthday is Kirb...

Those lettuce heads returned.

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 07 November 2018 · 53 views

I decided since I was in a Channel F-y mode to work some more on my Channel F game. I made it so the ship doesn't shake violently once it reaches the lowest and highest points it can go. It just stops and waits for you to move the correct direction now. A lot better. If you have your MESS installed and want to play it via emulator, you can get the lovely...


Posted by atari2600land, 05 November 2018 · 76 views

Pizza! Everyone loves it. So I've decided to put it in my game. A lot of work these past few days. I got a life counter in. I got bad food (vegetables) in. The plan is to put four types of "junk" food items and four different vegetables in. So far I have pizza slice, cookie, Brussels sprout, and cucumber in the game. What's left is to do the following:

Windows Media Player is still stupid

Posted by atari2600land, 05 November 2018 · 63 views

So I put one of the songs I wrote into Windows Media Player. It immediately changes the artist to Billy Joel and the album title and cover art as well. Even though the artist name is stated as "Eating Plants Disgusts Me" and the length is over 3 hours. I highly doubt Billy Joel recorded a three-hour-long song ever. And this isn't the first time. It takes...

Have a cookie...or don't

Posted by atari2600land, 03 November 2018 · 56 views

Have a cookie...or don't So I woke up at 4 pm. I got about 14 hours of sleep. I kept having weird dreams and I kept waking up from them because a couple of them were scary weird dreams. After I got home from my birthday party (you'd think I would have the party at the house where I live, but no.) I was back to work on my Game Gear game.
Now the score counter works. And I m...

Game Gear fun

Posted by atari2600land, 03 November 2018 · 51 views

Game Gear fun Even though I have been semi-actively searching for new to me games for it, I have been neglecting on playing and programming for my Game Gear. Looking at the files, the last time I had done something on it was September. It seems like longer than that, though. So I went back to work on where I left off on my newer GG game: Face-It.
This time aroun...