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It finally decided to work again

Posted by atari2600land, 31 May 2018 · 125 views

So I had a working version of HERTS. I went to test it on a real Game Gear and the result was a flickering mess when an item got shot. Angry, I tried to stop it from doing this, but I gave up at about 9pm. Went to sleep a few hours later with a broken game. Woke up at about noon. A few more hours' work and I finally got it working on a real Game Gear. I...


Posted by atari2600land, 30 May 2018 · 139 views

So after giving up on Hamburgers ERTS, I began to realize that I wanted to finish the thing. So I went back to work on it. One thing I had to give up was the sound effect playing when the milkshake shoots an onion ring. It would have been nice to have, but the PSGLib wouldn't allow for it. Not only that, the MOD2PSG2 program I work with automatically null...

Mystery solved

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini 29 May 2018 · 131 views

My package came today. And I know why it went to California first instead of here. The guy put a cross inside the 7. the upper part of the seven was bended down a little, so it looked like a 4. So some dumb postal worker who didn't know that Europeans write sevens with crosses assumed it was a 4 and it went to California. So it wasn't the seller's fault a...

Working walls.

Posted by atari2600land, 28 May 2018 · 112 views

I've been noticing that the walls in my 2600 game Castle of Doom weren't working very well a while back. I tried to make them work okay a few times, but each time I tried ended in failure. You see, the guy in the game stopped just short of the wall instead of bumping into it. I figured it must be because the pfread variables weren't set up properly. So I...

In the city.

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini 26 May 2018 · 117 views

So my package is actually in the city where I am now. I don't know why it lingered in San Francisco for 3 days, though. I hope to have the stupid package on Tuesday. If so, it took 2 weeks to get here from Germany even though it was only supposed to take 1. And I'll finally figure out why it was in California in the first place. I worked on the Game Gear...

Electrode's Eventful Evening

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini 25 May 2018 · 121 views

It's a wonderful summer Sunday evening, and Electrode the Pokemon is out for a stroll. Or should I say roll?

This is the second game in Pokemon Party Mini 2. It will be a lot like Kevin Vs. Tomatoes, which by the way, I took some time off this project to finish building the cartridges for. Taking apart and putting back together a Channel F...

Moving Marill complete

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini 24 May 2018 · 105 views

The only thing missing is noise. I'll get to that later on. For now I'd like to present a new idea I've been working on that Moving Marill will be part of. I've decided to make a Pokemon Party Mini 2 game. My mom woke me up last night at 9pm to tell me the TV was broken. I went to the living room and it had been turned to channel 7 somehow. So I changed t...

The package saga continues

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini 23 May 2018 · 132 views

Last night at around midnight, the package tracking status said "Your package delivery has been delayed." Well, can you tell me WHERE IT IS?
Meanwhile, I have been working on the Pokemon Mini. I made a fish show up. But I can't draw a swimming fish, so I need help with a b&w, 2 frame, 12x12 pixel fish animation picture. This is what I have in h...

Time on Pokemon Mini

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini 22 May 2018 · 116 views

So my package was mistakenly sent to Palo Alto, California instead of here. I'm guessing someone typed a 4 instead of a 7. 4 is right below 7, so I think that's what happened. So now I don't know whether I'll get it or not. It left the Palo Alto post office, but I have no idea where it's headed. Disgruntled, I went to the game store and bought a magazine...

What about Marill?

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini 21 May 2018 · 114 views

So I've been working on my Pokemon Mini game. I was having a very hard time with it. The problem was I had digits but I couldn't display them. But now I can. The next thing I need to do is make the digits change and act like a timer for the score.

This Pokemon Mini programming thing is really difficult. Of course, I said that for Game Gear...