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More work on Golf

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 22 May 2019 · 28 views

So I worked on Golf last night and today some more. The title screen now looks like this:

I learned that MESS widens the TV screen and I needed to make the screenshot 800x600 to see how it would look on a real TV. Went to sleep and got up at 2PM again. Noticed carlsson was having trouble with diagonal movements, so I looked in the code to see how I was...

Channel F programming: playing with the bmp2blit program

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 21 May 2019 · 100 views

So I got to thinking about my Golf game. I attempted to try to put in a title screen while browsing for info on any way to make a black sprite. While I never did find out how, I did run into the bmp2blit program, which basically converts a .bmp image into something that can be displayed with a Channel F. So I tried it. I finally got it to work, but the co...

The Semi-Impenetrable Fortress of Doom

Posted by atari2600land, in Odyssey 19 May 2019 · 103 views

Good news: I came up with an idea for a one-player Odyssey game. How many of you Odyssey owners out there have cart #7? Because this game needs it. This happened last night. So six2 is on hold for now, again, as I would like to release a one-player Odyssey game. I call it "The Semi-Impenetrable Fortress of Doom." I could just as easily have called it "Th...

six² for Odyssey (part 2)

Posted by atari2600land, in Odyssey 18 May 2019 · 36 views

I am going to get the overlays done for the Odyssey game I am making. I have the dice, I have the cardboard squares (like deeds in Monopoly) cut out. All that is left to do is get the overlays made, the manual sheet printed out and the boxes bought and then I will be able to send the game out. Each copy will be $20. But I am only making 9 available for sa...

Frank's continuing saga

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini, Frank the Fruit Fly 17 May 2019 · 28 views

Frank's continuing saga Got an idea for a screen for Frank the Fruit Fly. Implementing it was really hard because it was a case of copying and pasting part of the code of a screen and then adapting it to suit the screen number you are working on. Which took an hour of yelling and cursing and trying to figure out why the button presses weren't working. But I finally figured it ou...

Strange recurring dream

Posted by atari2600land, 16 May 2019 · 30 views

Two nights ago, I had a dream idea. Sometimes I get an idea for something to do while I'm sleeping. Sometimes they're good ideas, sometimes they're bizarre. This fell into the bizarre category. I dreamed I was trying to make a crossword about apples. I was only half-asleep as I was trying to figure out the word placements and stuff. I told my mom about my...

My Channel F came!

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 15 May 2019 · 37 views

I got a new (well, as new as a console from 1976 can get) Channel F console in the mail today. And I am happy! I can now play Tic-Tac-Toe on it. I can play just about anything I want on it (that I have anyway). But I did find out as I suspected, my Alien Invasion cartridge does not work. But other than that, I am happy. Sounds come out of the machine. My...

Oh well.

Posted by atari2600land, 14 May 2019 · 52 views

Oh well. So I've been spending a long long time with INTYBasic these past few days. First I was going to create a game kind of like Castle of Doom only with a top down perspective. But I couldn't get the guy to move correctly. So then I thought "4-Tris is now in the hands of trolls who charge $500 or so on eBay, how about I make an obtainable version of that?" So...

Channel FF

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 13 May 2019 · 50 views

So I just bought another Channel F on eBay. Let me explain. The first one I bought a couple of days ago is the first model. The one I just bought now is a model 2. Plus it has a joystick. And it's in Phoenix, so it doesn't have quite as long a trek over here as the other things I bought. Plus it is free shipping. You can't beat free shipping. As a result,...

Remaking a MIDI

Posted by atari2600land, 12 May 2019 · 32 views

I thought my MIDI I had made of Dream Theater's "The Count of Tuscany" was awful sparse, so I am trying to remake it. The first time around I had just copied the sheet music into the MIDI making program, but as it turns out after listening to the song, there's a lot more notes that are missing from the sheet music? How many? I'm almost up to the original'...