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Dreamcast Game Thoughts part 13

Posted by atari2600land, in Dreamcast game thoughts 07 July 2015 · 604 views


So Bust-A-Move 4 came in the mail yesterday. I played it for about a half-hour. It was fun at first, but then gets ridiculously hard and evil. Why? Because some asshat decided to put in the pulleys. I read the info about them, but it still doesn't make sense because they don't work right. Why is it that sometimes when I put a bubble on an empty side, the other side goes lower? That should not happen. Also, when bubbles are gone, the pulleys should also move and not stay put. simply said, it defies logic, and with the unexpected game play events, the game quickly gets unpredictable, hard, and bad. I made it to level I (not 1, I), before I said enough is enough and turned it off. Also, I got another game I didn't have before: Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing. This is one hard monster. Right before the finish line if you're first, it seems like another bike behind you gets a speed boost unfairly and passes you so you finish second. It took me like 5 tries to finish first on what seems like the easiest course. And if that's the easiest course, I don't WANT to see the others. Oh well. I now have 30 games, and POD Speedzone is set to come sometime soon. I have a question though: Why is it that some Dreamcast games have black spines on their cases, and others have white? Just curious.