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46% done

Posted by atari2600land, in ActionMax 10 January 2017 · 228 views

I am about half-way done with making Snowman's Land for the ActionMax. This one will be 13 minutes long. I got in the mood to do it (you have to be in the mood to fight with a computer). So I did not one minute, but TWO minutes' worth of putting enemies in. So now I have 6 minutes' worth total of it. The program crashed a couple times but luckily saved my progress so I went back in it and did it until I got to the 6 minute point. I'm still shooting for a May release (no pun intended). By the way, Bubba's Buck Blastin' is still available, I can duplicate the DVD I have for it. I would have to wait a few days since we're supposed to get yet another winter storm. Barf.