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A new old SNES

Posted by atari2600land, 19 March 2017 · 265 views

So I ended up going to the game store instead of the lego store. I ended up getting an old SNES. It works like a champ. I also went to the other store and got the Game Genie. It works too. It was like a nostalgia trip back in time to my childhood to see the Game Genie SNES version boot up and get to the part where you could enter codes. I wonder if there's a place to get Game Genie codes on the internet. When I was a kid, I used to have fun on Galoob's site and read all the codes people made on the GGCCC (Game Genie Code Creators' Club). I bet that's long gone. But it is fun to have an old model SNES again. I'll have to dig out some more SNES games and play them on this new old SNES I just got. So now I have an old SNES and a newer SNES Mini. I'm planning on getting rid of the mini. But then in order to do so, I'd have to find a good condition controller. D'oh! I must have used to kind of chew on them as a kid whenever I got angry at games. As a result the bit of plastic that said ABX and Y got torn off. So I wrote the letters on with a marker. They're still on there to this day. There are a few bite marks on the N64 controller, so that must have been when I stopped doing that. I don't remember doing that though. So anyway, I got a SNES and a Game Genie. Time to party like it's 1992. I got a SNES for my birthday of 1991. The Game Genie came later. The SNES I had quit working. My sister bought an SNES to play Yoshi's Island on. It was the SNES mini I have now. Perhaps I should give it back to her. My niece could play Yoshi's Island on it. And as far as my knee goes, it's doing a little bit better, I can bend it and have a dull pain instead of a sharp stabbing one. I guess keep putting Vicks on it.