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It's time for Golf.

Posted by atari2600land, 19 April 2017 · 316 views

Golf for the Atari 2600 just happened to be one of the few 2600 games that aren't in the garage right now. Most of them are in 5 cardboard boxes (because 1 wasn't enough when you have over 300 unique titles.) So anyway, I popped it in and blech! All the colors are wrong. Sometimes I had trouble seeing which object was the ball or the hole to putt it in. So I went to work to change the colors. This is the result:
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Which I think is a lot nicer looking than what it used to be. I had a bit of trouble changing the sand trap color because I couldn't find it. But I eventually did. And now, I have a cheat for Golf. It's how to finish with a score of 00. Which is quite easy. Just finish with a score of 100. The two digits will roll the score at 99 to become 00. And voila! You finished 9 holes with a score of -36, or whatever it's supposed to be. And in my hack, the golf ball is actually white, sand is not gray, it's a sort of orange-ish brown color. I'll just put this color hack in the Atari 2600 hack section for you all.

Can the grass be made darker? Just a little?

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I searched the hack section, couldn't find it. can you make a link?

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Here is the link to the topic:


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In this version, I darkened the grass a little. What do you think?


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