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NES ad I found

Posted by atari2600land, 09 August 2017 · 261 views

While going through some old tapes I had of Nickelodeon (just Ren and Stimpy, as a kid I WISELY taped the ads), I ran across this old ad I had of the redesigned NES. I've decided to relaunch the late NES page I had and put this old ad on here. I also have a print ad I need to scan and put on the site as well. So anyway, I am wondering if the ad will be viewable with the old html code I had laying around for videos. If you don't mind, go to the page with the ad on it and tell me if you can play it or not. http://www.atari2600...94/nestvad.html
Sadly, I don't have Alfred Chicken anymore, but I do have Mario Is Missing for the NES. I need to see if it was made in 1994 or not. I also have Wario's Woods, which I need to put on the site. I guess I just asked for a bunch of work. ;)

The html worked on my end. How many of these old ads do you have.  This is fun stuff to look at.  If there isn't already, there should be an archive for videos just like this... it brings it all back.  icon_smile.gif


I liked Wario's Woods, but the other two you mentioned do nothing for me.  Hahahah!  (I can't say I gave Mario is Missing much of a chance though, but meh).

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I found a few others on the same tape, one was for TMNT Tournament Fighters, and the other was for Wario Land for Game Boy. I have a few other Nickelodeon tapes, and I was able to find a Donkey Kong Land 2 ad on a tape marked "The Simpsons."

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