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Posted by atari2600land, 10 November 2017 · 235 views

I woke up this morning to mom holding a bottle of pills in her bathroom. Which seems kind of hard since they were in my pocket while I slept. She came in there while I was sleeping just to steal her pills. Well, anyway, she went to the doctor's appointment. She didn't overdose on them (a thing she later regretted.) My sister got me a locked safe with combination to put the pills in. They doubled the dose of the appetite stimulator.
Not only that, I had to go to bed with my program not working. But I woke up, and took a shower while my sister took mom to the doctor. It had been a while since I can't trust mom alone with her pills. And then I FINALLY GOT THE GAME WORKING thanks to Kiwi. But I'm not done with it. And I still don't know how many bytes I have left. Or why it won't tell me. I plan to add lives and make it go faster the more you get into the game.