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Posted by atari2600land, 16 November 2017 · 363 views

It was originally going to be a monster, and it still says "monster" in the code, but when I got to designing it, I only had room for one eye, so it became a cyclops. I worked last night trying to improve Oranges for the Game Gear to make it look better, but I'm just going to stick with what I had. And then I went to sleep, had a dream about poop coming out of the sink and our plumbing not working. Woke up and worked on the lemon game which is where cyclopses reside.
Level 1, which is where Fred is now, is a forest. He found his clothes. After doing that, a cyclops is blocking his path. Running into the cyclops makes you lose health. I added a health meter in the game. When it gets below 1 (effectively over 99 !) the game ends and you have to start over again. (I'll add a Game Over screen later.) You start out with 99 health points. Why not 100? 99 makes it nice and centered on the screen:
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Level 2 will take Fred up into a mountain range (there's your snow level.) Level 3 will be a desert. I'm just thinking out loud here. I don't know if I should add background music to the game or not. I don't know if I'm even going to finish the thing, given there's only 5 screens and it's already 10kb. Right now, the Secret Government Waffle Project is 47kb. Perhaps I will change the lemon on the title screen to try to make it less kb.

Couldn't cyclops be a kind of monster? I suppose the word monster refers to pretty much anyone who is mean or dangerous to you. If there is a way to befriend the cyclops instead of just escaping him (it?), it might no longer be a monster to Fred.

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