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Uneven ground

Posted by atari2600land , in channel f 07 February 2018 · 219 views

I went and worked on my Channel F game again this morning. Today's goal was to make the lettuce heads shootable. This required more time than usual. Once I thought I had it, but then realized that just because I made the bullet blue didn't necessarily mean it was off the screen. So more work had to be done. At one point, the ground was uneven. It had a grassy feel to it. Odd because I didn't do anything to make that happen. I figured it might be because I was using too much code.
Eventually that problem fixed itself. You can now shoot the lettuce. The bullet disappears once it hits the lettuce. I had to tweak some collision code to make sure it actually hit the lettuce when it was supposed to. One time, I hit the lettuce and it didn't disappear.
Lots of hard work this morning. I think I'm going to take a short break from programming the game. My copy of Bowling is supposed to come in the mail soon. I need to hook up my Channel F to test it to make sure it works. Right now my Jaguar is set up. I figured I needed to test it to make sure it still works. Because Jaguars are really expensive, even without CD units. It still works.
Also, I made the score go up by one when you hit a lettuce head with the bullet. I'm thinking about making some waves to the game. Wave 1 would be just ordinary lettuce like what's in the game now. Wave 2 would make the heads of lettuce move up and down, etc. That is. if I can fit it into the game.

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