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Wavy lettuce

Posted by atari2600land , in channel f 08 February 2018 · 224 views

It took me a few hours but I made it so the lettuce moves up and down in a sinus wave. I did it but then the rocket stopped working so I had to work on making it work again, which took more extra time. I think I'm using too much code though. Perhaps that's the reason why the ground was uneven and looked like it was grass. But it's a good look though, so if it happens again I may keep it.
Then out of curiosity I wanted to know if the score would work if someone got 100 points or more. It took me about 10 minutes (I'm a poor shot at video games like this), and this is the resuit:
Attached Image
Success. So now what I need to do is enter levels where it waves or doesn't, or perhaps randomly selects whether it does that or not when each lettuce is starting. I think I'll do it randomly for every lettuce. That would probably take up less code. I was working on my game when the dog came in and started whining at me. So I need to go be with the dog now until Mom comes home.

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