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I Give Up On Lettuce Game

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 12 February 2018 · 260 views

I've decided to give up on Killer Heads of Lettuce. Apparently what I want to do is too advanced for the poor Channel F. Apparently I can't have three different types of lettuce coming at you because it likes to reset the game and do all sorts of stupid crazy crap at random. So now I'm going to work on My History Teacher Ate Lemons for the Intellivision now. And apparently Kevin Vs. Tomatoes is the only Channel F game I'm going to make unless I think of a REALLY simple project, one that the Channel F can handle.
But hey, at least e5frog can now buy the parts he needs so we can move forward on Kevin Vs. Tomatoes. Does Channel F have a Combat game similar to the Atari 2600? Perhaps I can do that if it hasn't already been done.
And don't forget to buy a copy of Alien Greed 5.

Videocart 2 is a Combat game. You can find most (?) games here:


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