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Lettuce Redux

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 17 February 2018 · 185 views

So I went back to work on the lettuce game last night. Frustrated, I went to sleep with a broken game. Woke up this morning and tried to fix it. I think I did so. This is the uneven ground I was talking about earlier. After trying various zany ways to make it even I told myself that I like it this way and I'll keep it like this. I think it's a little too high though. I can't control how high it is. That part of the code is disobeying me.
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I tested and tested until I got about 110 points. Everything seems to be in working order. A problem was the lettuce was going down below the grass. A universal "if the lettuce head is going down past this point then change its direction to UP" seems to have solved it. Although I don't know why it wasn't working just when the lettuce head was going down. Another problem I had was specks of green left after a lettuce head was hit sometimes. I told it to display a blue square to get rid of everything that might have been left. That seemed to have solved that problem.
The Channel F is the weirdest console I have programmed. I don't know why sprites don't disappear when you move them, and I don't know why there's only 3 colors to choose from. Why not more? Not a ton more, but just the basic 8 colors in a Crayola box would have sufficed. Oh well. I didn't make the Channel F, so I don't have any control over it. Except when programming it. And even then, just some of the time.

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