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Rough few days

Posted by atari2600land, 09 March 2018 · 228 views

So I promised a new SNES Reverse Chronogaming post. It will have to wait 'til next week I think. I could have done it this week, but I was too sleepy to wait until 11 when they open so I went to sleep. My eye hurt the night before last and vomited up nearly everything I ate that night. And this morning I called eBay because of some guy not taking down his BIN post in time. The person on the eBay line told me to hide it from my view.
And then I went back to work on the Jaguar version of Oranges. That took about an hour. Earlier I had worked on KHOL getting collision detection between lettuce and ship. But now Oranges looks like this:
Attached Image
Decided to plug in the ol' Dreamcast. Played some Tetris. It's hard because it's kind of difficult to see because the color scheme is all wrong for my eyes. So now on the floor I have a Jaguar, Dreamcast, Channel F, NES, SNES, N64 and Intellivision. The stupid cat a few days ago decided to waltz into my room and puke a whole bunch on the floor. So now even though I tried, there's still a cat vomit stain on the floor. Just great. It's under the table. Yippee.

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