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Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 13 March 2018 · 324 views

I was working on Killer Heads of Lettuce when it gave me a 3k binary file upon compiling. I must have exceeded the 2k limit so it pushed it to 3k. I noticed Video Whizball's ROM was 3k, so I tried mine. It works in MESS just fine. Whether or not it will work on a real Channel F is another story, though, but if Video Whizball works on MESS and my 3k ROM works on MESS and Video Whizball obviously works on a Channel F else they wouldn't have released it...
So anyway, what I did is the beginning of some code for the lettuce to shoot at the ship. Each lettuce head shoots at the ship once. These lettuces really want in Vegetablehatersland. If the lettuce's missile hits the ship, you lose a life.
I was working on Killer Heads of Lettuce because it just needed something else to happen. I just wasn't feeling the game was exciting enough. I hope this makes it more exciting and fun to play. And hopefully it will be able to be played on a real Channel F.

Perhaps games of different size use different cartridge boards? For that matter e5frog's Pac-Man is 8 kilobytes and SABA's Schach (German chess) is 6 kilobytes though some of the content seems to be empty space. Also #24 Pro Football, #25 Casino Poker and #26 Alien Invasion are 4K each.

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Seems like the maximum it could read is 8 KB without bankswitching.  It's kinda hard to find how big the program counter is.   

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