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Fun with banks

Posted by atari2600land, 10 April 2018 · 214 views

Still working on my Game Gear game. I got bankswitching working. I now have a 64k game. I got some data for the screen in bank 1 and got it to display in bank 0. I worked a tiny bit on the game play as well. I would like to reveal this game when I think I am finished with it and ask for feedback then. Until then, I want to make it a top secret project. I'm having to keep asking for help on the SMS Power! forums, but it is worth it.
But this is so hard. I guess I could use the C compiler, but now I've been using assembly for it for a while and started learning from Game Gear programming with it. It's not that hard except for the things I don't know how to do, which I guess is true for everything in life. I'm still unsure about how banks and slots and how they work, so I am pretty impressed with myself that I got this far on it. The music broke, though, but I got it back working again. The next thing to do is compose in-game music and try to put it in there.

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