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Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland

Posted by atari2600land, 17 April 2018 · 241 views

I don't know why I keep making games about food. I guess it's because I'm hungry all the time? Well, at least it was healthy food (tomatoes, lettuce, celery, etc.), that is, until now. I've transitioned to meat. This is the "secret" Game Gear game I was working on. I've decided to unveil it now because, well, I'm stuck.
Not with the code, but with the game play. Right now it just seems, well, boring. I need to spice stuff up. But how? Right now, you control a flying hamburger as it is going to Switzerland. Trying to stop you are the milkshakes. So you shoot them with French fries. But what can I do to make the game exciting? Have the milkshakes target you? Fly away from you? Have them shoot milkshake squirts?
I was trying to make a standard space shooter, but I just don't know how to continue. Any feedback would help.
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Perhaps a game where you start out as a slice of hamburger meat, and then need to pick up your bread, your lettuce, your tomatoes to build a ship to get further. Fly past a field of potatoes, wait until the farmer has harvested it and left his back to you, steal some potatoes so you get fries to shoot.


The milkshakes, unidentified liver wursts and hungry giants somewhere on the border of France can arrive in later attack waves.


Yes, it sounds far more complex but it would probably make the game more fun too. I suppose the GG at least has the capacity and the programming language the abilities to make most of this happen.

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I was thinking of having a second level where the burgers fly across the Atlantic Ocean (these are hamburgers in the USA.) But keep in mind that all the sprites i make have to have a certain color to them. Since the burger is part of the sprite palette, most of the sprites I get to draw have to have a brownish tint to them. I was originally planning on having strawberry milkshakes but then I remembered the palette, so I had to change it to chocolate ones. Here are the colors I have in the palette right now. Keep in mind that I am able to have a separate palette for the background, so that's how I was able to put in greens and blues.


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Do you really need six colours from light orange to medium brown? I understand you're going for realism, but with dithering perhaps you can reuse 2-3 of those for other colours. I don't know how the GG works, if you can pick a palette entirely freely but you might want to consider how much worse a hamburger made out of 4 different colours looks compared to a hamburger made out of 7 colours.

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You're right. I changed the palette (which can have up to 16 colors anyway), and made a strawberry shake.


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