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Anger-inducing collisions

Posted by atari2600land, 21 April 2018 · 227 views

So I spent the better part of my waking hours today trying to put words in the GG game. Letters didn't really want to work, so I put phrases in instead.
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But somewhere along the line, I broke collisions. It started detecting what I thought were false collisions. But while playing on the Everdrive, I saw something I didn't see with Emulicious: an extra rogue 8x8 strawberry milkshake sprite part pops up for a fraction of a second sometimes right after the sprite goes away when you shoot it. Me shooting and hitting that sprite that I didn't see in Emulicious must have been causing that.
For now, I've decided to make it do nothing different if it hits that. And also, if I want to make a phrase, I have to make it less than 33 pixels long. I learned that after trying to put letters in. Like for example, the "paused" in the lower right hand corner in the first screenshot was not working well when it was 6 letters, or 48 pixels, but if I condensed it down to 32 pixels, it works well.

Gamegear/SMS has a 8 sprites on a scanline limit, so that's why the last 2 letters of 48px paused don't show up.  Some emulator for some reason show those sprites and the setting are set for that on default to show those sprites.

The sprite that is loaded first has the highest priority.  The sprite after the 8th will not be drawn. 

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Thanks for sharing that bit of info. That explains some other weird issues I was having.

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No problem.  NES also has that problem.  Colecovision only has 4 16x16 sprites on a line, even in 8x8 mode.  There's a pixel rate of 320 a line.  So background get 256 pixels while the left over, 64 pixels, goes toward sprite,


Gameboy has a limit of 10 sprites on a line.  Genesis and SNES has sprite limit but it sprite limit span across the entire screen.  SNES has 16 16x16 sprite on a line limit.  Genesis have 16 or 20 16x16(?) sprites on a line limit depending on what screen resolution it set at.  GBA still have sprite limit too but much higher than SNES and Genesis I believe.

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