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I try another console

Posted by atari2600land, in Pokemon Mini 16 May 2018 · 170 views

Yesterday I tried my hand at making something for the Pokemon Mini. After a successful "Hello World," I decided to try my hand at making an image appear on the screen. But this is as far as I got. I have no idea how to make a sprite appear on the screen and move it around. I looked at various code from other games and didn't understand any of it.
Which is too bad because I have an idea for a game now. And it's also too bad that I can't try what I did on a real Pokemon Mini because the guy that said he's going to make a flash card is slower than SaiNT is with his Jaguar one. So an emulator will have to suffice.
Perhaps I'll make a Pokemon Party 2 game since my idea probably won't take up that much space. This is of course assuming I ever get a sprite moving on the screen.
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So this game starts with a text screen, then alternates between it and the title screen. Pressing A on the text screen moves to the title screen and pressing A on the title screen leads to a picture that says "TEST". I don't know anything about Pokemon, but this little rat-like one is called a Marill. He likes to dive underwater and eat the plants that grow there. My game idea revolves around him dodging fish, much like the Oranges game I made, but this time, you have to watch out for his tail, which floats like a buoy on the water. If he's hit, he can gain back energy by eating the plants on the bottom of the screen.

Soon now you have surpassed the great Paul Robson as the most prolific developer on various obscure systems.

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Less "prolific" and more "dabblerific." :lol:

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