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Idiotic games.

Posted by atari2600land, 11 June 2018 · 228 views

So today I decided to not sleep and instead put in a splash screen in the Hamburgers game.
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At first this was in black, gray and white. Then I noticed "Hey, this isn't the Game Boy. Why not make it in color?" So I did. After a testing, one of the problems I described in earlier entry came back. So I had a fun time doing that. Oh, and if you've played the game, you've probably noticed the irritating yellow screen that pops up for less than a second in an intermission. As it turns out, the yellow color was in the sprite palette. Since nothing was yellow, I changed it to black. I don't know why yellow was there anyway since none of my sprites have yellow in them. Oh well. Now it's a more reasonable black screen.
It was cold and I ate too many small sandwiches from my niece's graduation party. Now I'm cold AND my stomach hurts. Well, it was cold yesterday. It didn't get above 60 F. Which is odd because it's June. You would think it was February if you looked outside. But now it's 3 AM. And mom leaves at 6:30am and comes back at about 9am. That's when I think I'll take another nap. I was so cold, I went into my bed and got under my covers and fell asleep at 8pm. Woke up at about midnight, so I'm not too terribly tired now. And now my burps smell like beef.

Believe it or not, but MobyGames has two such games companies listed: IdiotSoft, Inc and Planet Idiot Games.


There is also a think tank named Stupid Fun Club founded by no less than Will Wright (SimCity, The Sims etc). Their website is dead though, and perhaps the think tank is as well.


Finally there also are Dumb and Fat Games.

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Moronic games?


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That seems like virgin territory. There are two voice actors whose last name is Moron, but that's it.


I wonder what it is like to be in school and someone yells "Hey, Moron!" and they're not really trying to be mean.

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Really? I'd change my last name if it was Moron.

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One of those two people seems to be of Spanish or Latin American heritage so it probably is pronounced differently in Spanish. Otherwise I'm sure it grows on one. Unfortunately there are way more insulting words to yell at people who don't take offense from being called moron, which I'm sure is what would happen.

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