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Burgers in the city

Posted by atari2600land, 12 June 2018 · 145 views

Level 6 of Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland will take place in a large, metropolitan city. The hustle and bustle of everyday people going about their jobs will be interrupted by a flock of flying hamburgers shooting French fries at flying milkshakes in the sky.
Here's the breakdown of space used so far in the game:
bank 0 - about 1% free. I hope I can fit the rest of the game's code in this bank.
bank 1 - about 9% free. This is where levels 2 and 4 are stored. (Level 4 was originally level 1.)
bank 2 - about 39% free. Level three graphics are stored here.
bank 3 - about 41% free. Level 1 stuff is stored here.
bank 4 - about 1% free. This is where level 5 and the splash screen info is stored.
bank 5 - about 48% free. Level 6 stuff is in here.
banks 6 and 7 are empty. So what I plan to do is add level 7's stuff in bank 6 as well as the game over stuff. If I have enough room in bank 0, I'll make an eighth level and store it in bank 7. If not, I'll put in an Easter egg or something in it.
A little problem I had about the title screen not being centered popped up when you died. Thankfully I knew what was causing it and, after a few tries, fixed it.
I am having an odd sleeping pattern lately. I hate going to sleep. It got hot again, so I need the fan again. I'm so sleepy now. It's a little after 2 am as I'm writing this. I want to go to the game store but I'll probably be asleep all day. Oh well.

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