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Printer oddity

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 14 June 2018 · 151 views

So I decided to try printing the manuals for Kevin Vs. Tomatoes on my home printer. It didn't look very good. This was about a couple weeks ago. Time passes. I thought to myself "Perhaps I should try again." I checked the ink levels for the printer. It was about half full of colored ink. So that wasn't the problem. Nevertheless, I tried again. The result: They looked much better than the ones I tried to print a few weeks ago or so.
So now I have way better looking manuals. So now what needs to be done is print the labels. It has been hard getting out of my house since I'm asleep all day and awake all night. I've been trying to reverse myself around again, but to no avail. I went to sleep at 4am last night and woke up at 6pm. I was just so sleepy yesterday. And even if I did have a way to get somewhere, and the buses here ran in the middle of the night, no store that sells labels would be open. Or, I guess the Wal-Mart superstore in town. (We have 3 Wal-Marts.)
So what I need to do next is buy labels, which is hard to do. But I haven't forgotten about the game, I'm working on trying to reverse my sleeping pattern so I'm awake during the day. e5frog wrote me an e-mail that said the latest Killer Heads of Lettuce looks good. But I don't have plans to release that one, at least not yet. Perhaps when Kevin Vs. Tomatoes gets done. The manual for KVT is a little smaller than a usual Channel F manual. But it looks great now.

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