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The bottomless pit (part 7)

Posted by atari2600land, 08 August 2018 · 86 views

I found out that I had broken the custom sound code by adding more code to the game. I had to go back to using the premade sounds. But I had to keep the custom sound code in the game, otherwise the game won't compile and work right. Since I was sick of the jumping sound every time the guy landed on the platform, I changed it so the game will stay silent unless an item falls from the screen or the player interacts with the item falling from the screen.
The reason I say "item" instead of "banana" is because I introduced a rock falling from the sky above. You need to dodge the rock. Getting hit by one is instant death for the guy. So whenever the game decides to put something else on screen, a sound happens and then either a banana or a rock appears. To lessen the amount of code, the rock/banana deciding code is based on the x position of the item. Whether the value is even or odd determines the item type (or at least I think that's how it works.)
Since I can't remove the unneeded code, I now have 1,596 bytes used up.

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