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Game Boy fun

Posted by atari2600land, in Game Boy development 10 August 2018 · 97 views

So I was playing Wario Land again. I remembered something about a code that enables you to change the numbers on the screen. I looked it up and sure enough, there was. While paused, press the select button 16 times and a cursor will appear over the lives. You can change the number of lives, coins, and hearts. So I changed the number of lives to 99. I am in level 2, Teapot Mountain. I found a secret world, Sherbet Land. It is in the sky. If I have to go through this world later, I am screwed. I lost about 5 lives trying to complete the first level of this world and only got about half way.
And I might be able to sell my Game Boy game I'm making. More news on this when it becomes available. But first I want to put it on my Everdrive cart which is supposed to come on Monday. I will be pretty happy to see what it looks like on a real Game Boy, but at the same time I am quite angry and am still wondering what happened to the last Everdrive I had.
I got a new Game Gear game. It was quite dirty, I found. I had to use about a dozen q-tips to clean it but I finally got it working. So anyway, that's what I've been doing most of the time, playing Game Boy with my Super Game Boy for SNES. I find it a lot easier to see on that thing than a real Game Boy.