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Yum for Game Gear?

Posted by atari2600land, 14 September 2018 · 80 views

I was bored, so I began making Yum, my boring Channel F game, for Game Gear, in the hopes that it will fare better on it than the Channel F. Since the Game Gear has two buttons, I've decided to make pressing button 1 close the mouth and button 2 opening it. The guy is also a lot more colorful and I (finally) made the score 6 digits. So later what I plan to do is in addition to opening and closing the mouth, get breath mints for temporary invincibility. You must open your mouth for it to work. Also, I now can add a whole bunch of yummy food, like pizza, burgers and french fries, as well as more icky vegetables like peas, Brussels sprouts and some other thing that's small and non-green.
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Here's what I have so far. Nothing has changed much except for me putting a 6-digit score at the top left corner of the screen. It took a while to get back into Game Gear coding since I have been doing stuff for Channel F. It's a shame, though, that nobody can or will make cartridge versions of Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland, as I think it was a pretty good game. I guess you can play it in emulation or Everdrive, but I wanted to have a cartridge containing just that game so I could make a neat label for it. Oh well.

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