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Rodents are stupid

Posted by atari2600land, 05 October 2018 · 119 views

So my sister is moving away from her boyfriend because he turned into a meth addict. He was admitted to the hospital tonight apparently even though he claimed he had worms boring into his eyelids. So I guess that meant my sister and nephew had to come over here before they could move into the new house. My house has so many boxes of stuff you'd think we were moving. Well anyway, they came over here tonight. And along came the rest of the pets.
The dogs are in a kennel. The cat has been here for a few days. We don't let her out of my mom's bedroom because we already have a cat. And dog. Well, the nephew has a hamster and two gerbils. And they are being kept in the bathroom. It took me a half hour trying to pee because they are hideous looking things that should be outside roaming free (i.e. rodents). And I kept having to see these rodents in cages looking at me. I swear the hamster is trying to escape. She keeps gnawing at the bars of the cage wall. But it's metal so hopefully I won't see a hamster running around the house.
They are in my bathroom because the dog was very interested in trying to eat them. So right now in the house are 4 people, 2 cats, 2 gerbils, a hamster and a dog. And a whole bunch of boxes. Well, anyway, I hate rodents. And there's 3 of them in the bathroom. I like my pet rock. He just sits there in my room in his little cage I bought him, looking all content and happy. But now there's two great big cages in the bathroom, so every time I want to go in there, I have a rodent menagerie to deal with. Who is the guy who first thought "Gee, these vermin would make great pets?" And where is he? Hell, probably.

Why Does My Hamster Bite Its Cage?



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I've heard that fried gerbil tastes delicious. Just a hint of lemon, juice or rind, with some basil and thyme as seasoning, oh! So good.

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