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A Switch

Posted by atari2600land, 09 November 2018 · 98 views

It had been a long time since I used my Nintendo Switch. Since I just got a Switch game for my birthday a week ago, I thought I'd turn the thing on and play it some more. It needed an update. I was expecting a long one since it had been a while, so I went to the bathroom. Came back and it was already done. So anyway, the game I got for my birthday is Kirby: Star Allies. It's 2D! Great to know that there are still 2D platformers being made today.
It had been some time since I was following a Nintendo news site (the last one was IGN, but that was a few years ago.) It had also been a while since I shopped for new Switch games. I need to come up with something I want for Christmas, so I need to go to a news site to see what Switch games are out there that I might want.
Although there are still physical releases now, I fear the day that it will no longer happen. Therefore once everything goes digital only, I won't get new games. I'll just play the games I have now. Everything from Channel F to Switch. Well, not everything, but enough that I have room for. But I still want a Vectrex.

Perhaps if Fairchild and Nintendo joined, they could release the Channel Flitch, possibly with bacon flavoured game cards for those who like to lick their games.

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