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the scarlet letter, or, red-letter day

Posted by atari2600land, 14 November 2018 · 118 views

So I was going through my computer and I found a version of a title screen for Fatso 2 that was really advanced from the one I remember. I don't remember making this one though. Sad news, though, my Odyssey 2 died, but that's okay because yesterday I went and got a second one in case that were to happen. Odd that it would happen the next morning, though. I turned it on. Dead as a doornail. I kept frantically trying, hoping it would come back, but it never did. So now I am working on my back-up Odyssey 2 console and I have no back-up. Now I have 2 dead Odyssey 2s.
Well, anyway, I found the letters that spell Fatso 2, one at a time moves from left to right and the mouth eats them. They were randomly colored, but they only were using half the available colors. How could I have not noticed that the first time I was working on it? Or maybe that's why I gave up and went to do something else. But I think I finally got it randomly colored with all the available colors. It even plays a little song. How neat I was able to do that, with help.
But the first letter upon turning the Odyssey 2 on, is always red. And then after that it selects random colors. I am wondering why. But I wonder if I can do anything about it since even though the randomly generated colors happen after that, wouldn't the system be all cleared at startup?
I think I'm done with Room of Doom. I don't know what else I can add to it if anything. It was a neat little experiment though. Fatso was the first Odyssey 2 game I ever got published. But I figured that in the 6 years that passed, I learned so much that I could make a way better version of it, which is what I began doing.